The right to dual citizenship in Denmark

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    Members of the Danish parliament
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Please note: this petition is both in English and Danish.

One of the requirements for a foreign national to become a Danish citizen, is to abdicate their current citizenship.

A Danish citizen living abroad must also abdicate his/her citizenship in order to become a citizen of another country. This is the case even if that country allows dual citizenship, such as in Sweden and Holland.

We believe this is an unfair requirement and request that Denmark change its current law to allow dual citizenship, thereby allowing foreigners to keep their current nationality while becoming a citizen of Denmark and allowing Danish citizens to keep their nationality while becoming a citizen of another country.

We request that Denmark change its current law in order to allow dual citizenship.

Et af kravene for en udlжnding bosiddende i Danmark til at blive dansk statsborger, er at afgive deres nuvжrende statsborgerskab.

En dansk statsborger der bor i udlandet, mе ogsе afgive hans/hendes statsborgerskab, for at kunne blive borger af staten i et andet land.
Dette er tilfжldet, selvom dette land tillader dobbelt statsborgerskab som f.eks Sverige og Holland.

Vi mener det er en fair opfordring, at Danmark жndrer sin nuvжrende lov til at tillade dobbelt statsborgerskab, og dermed tillader udlжndinge at beholde deres nationalitet, selvom de bliver danske statsborgere. Samtidig vil en жndring af loven tillade danske statsborgere at beholde deres statsborgerskab, nеr de bliver borgere i et andet land.

Vi opfordrer til at Danmark, жndrer sin nuvжrende lov, sе den tillader dobbelt statsborgerskab.