Act to End Genocide in Darfur Sudan

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    United Nations, White House
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In the Darfur region of Sudan, government-supported militias are attacking and burning undefended villages, raping and murdering civilians, and abducting women and children. Over 700,000 victims of this ethnic cleansing have fled to other parts of Sudan, and another 110,000 refugees have crossed the border to Chad, where they are suffering from malnutrition and disease, and are exposed to daily cross border raids by militias, who murder them and steal the blankets and food given to them by international aid agencies.

The United Nations and member countries have done nothing to stop the militias, who continue to attack villages, burn homes, and rape and kidnap people.

Mukesh Kapila, U.N. co-ordinator for Sudan said, "I was present in Rwanda at the time of the genocide, and I've seen many other situations around the world and I am totally shocked at what is going on in Darfur. This is the world's greatest humanitarian crisis, and I don't know why the world isn't doing more about it."


Call on the United Nations Security Counsel to pass a resolution:

(1) requiring the government of Sudan to immediately end the attacks and killings of civilians in Darfur by government forces and militias; and if the government of Sudan fails to do this,

(2) authorizing member states to send peacekeeping troops to Darfur to stop the systematic murder of the people of Sudan by the Janjawid and government-backed militias.