Dragon Ball Live Action Movie Protest!

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    20th Century Fox
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    Dragon Ball Live Action Movie Protest!
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Dear 20th Century Fox

As fans/sympathizers/supporters of the miraculous Dragon Ball world around the globe, we undersigned, would like to express our revolt against the upcoming Dragon Ball live action movie!

For many of us, the Hollywood version of any anime/cartoon/manga/comic/video game ever made is senseless and it symbolizes only a title-exploitation, but it has gone far enough and we all agree in one - that at this point it's safe to say that this movie has stopped making any sense at all, and has gone far beyond any level of bad adaptation and a terrible actor choice, not to mention the totally deformed story...

By looking at the cast list it became clear as day that DB LAM is destined to fail.
Furthermore, as Dragon Ball was never meant to be made into a Live Action Movie, such a thing as "appropriate actors" is non-existent.

The story is everything but DB-like...
Moulding the story by hollywood standards, adding new characters, leaving out the original ones, and adding events not related to DB, such as "Goku goes to high school" is going to make this movie look like everything but like Dragon Ball, and that will eventually satisfy only those who don't know anything about DB and what it truly represents, which proves that you don't care about the fans...
There is no need to point out some specific differences in regards to the original story since you've changed almost everything, and are accordingly aware of those changes(or are you?)
It's crystal clear that you only want to exploit the "Dragon Ball" name, without caring for the fans and what they think, and that's why we perceive you not as artists but as businessmen.

We feel as if you're making a mockery out of something that's very precious to us!
To make matters worse, it has been brought to our attention that this was originally conceived to be a trilogy.

Therefore, we want you to stop ruining Dragon Ball's spirit, and stop trying to turn it into a just another Hollywood pop-culture stereotype, because that never had ANYTHING to do with the Dragon Ball universe!
We consider this to be the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to the Dragon Ball franchise...


High budget alone is not enough to make a good adaptation, and this movie is probably the best example!
Canceling a movie may not be easy, but we undersigned, as fans/sympathizers/supporters of the DB/Z/GT franchise, have full rights to criticize you for making this movie, while maintaining a level of courtesy and politeness.

The goal of this petition is not to insult anybody and we mean no harm, the goal of this petition is very clear - STOPPING THE DRAGON BALL LIVE ACTION MOVIE FROM BEING MADE!


To potentially undersigned:

In case some people sign this petition just to give a negative comment about our cause, it will be regarded as a valid signature!
By reading this petition(and this part in particular) it goes without saying that you are aware of its purpose and that every signature will only benefit us.
So if someone really wants to flame us, feel free to do so, but be advised that every negative comment will be automatically taken into account as sarcasm and therefore aid us further in our fight against this movie.

Thank you all for reading.