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Ban Duck, Duck, Goose From Playgrounds

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    Playground Municipilities Across The Country
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Duck Duck Goose is a hazard to innocent children across the playgrounds of America. Serious injuries have occurred due to the violent nature of this game. Among this list of injuries, are broken wrists, broken necks, broken noses, broken ankles, and broken bones. We must offer our children, our future, safety from dangerous playground games. I have learned the hard way, through a friend, that this game poses severe health risks. Please, sign this petition, so we can join together and erase the game of duck duck goose off the dark underbelly of sinister children games.

P.S. Besides the violent nature that this game consists of, it is also destructive to self-esteem. Whoever is name the goose, is immediately singled out of the circle as different. This is not good.