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Lynchburg District Office
2127 Lakeside Drive 24501
Attn: District Manager

Petition with regard to the Case of Mr. John J. Linville of 92 Hasson Lane, Galax VA. 24333

Dear Sir or Madam:

We, the undersigned, are offering you this petition with regard to the case of Mr. John J. Linville. We are friends of Mr. Linville from all over the world who are extremely concerned about his deteriorating emotional and psychological health. It is apparent to his friends that he no longer values being alive and he is at high risk of taking his own life. It is also apparent that your Agency is largely responsible for this deplorable state of affairs.

Mr. Linville has been enmeshed in your system for some ten (10) years. Currently, you deem him to be in arrears on child support, interest, and/or penalty in an amount in excess of $5,000.00. You have in the past, seized Mr. Linvilles worker compensation claim benefits, his unemployment benefits and, of course, garnished his pay when he has been employed. You have taken away his driving privileges and now you are threatening Mr. Linville with incarceration in prison commencing in December 2003.

Mr. Linville is a religious man. He was active in his Church and was ordained as a youth leader. He was a Sunday School Teacher and Youth Life Team Leader. He is self-trained in music and has played in churches all over the state. He has traveled to Nursing Homes to entertain the elderly and held suppers to raise money to send poor youth to Summer Camp. This is the man that you have brought to the edge of suicide.

We, who are Mr. Linvilles friends believe in the value and sanctity of his life. We believe in his right to live in dignity, free from incarceration and abject poverty in these United States of America and in the Commonwealth of Virginia. To our estimation, your Agency is destroying Mr. Linvilles life in the false belief that his value as a human being can be reduced to how much money you can squeeze from him. We believe that aside from his own irreducible right to a life free from intimidation, harassment and expropriation of all his resources; his children, family, friends and this society are entitled to benefit from the Mr. Linvilles innate value as a living, valuable human being.

We ask you to halt your actions against Mr. Linville now before you push him out of this life, something that you have no right to under any system of government or law other than the most barbaric.
Should you have any questions, please contact :

Mr. Reuben M. Vabner, Spokesperson
269 Broadway, Apt. 5C
Dobbs Ferry, New York 10522
Tel: 914-478-2523
Cell: 914-837-3185
E-Mail: [email protected]

Sincerely Yours,

The Undersigned


The Undersigned