Dead Hp tx 1000 / tx 2000 tablet pcs

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    Heward Packard
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I had purchased a Hp Pavilion tx 1000 Tablet pc about a year and a half ago for college. Recently a few months ago I started to have problems, my wifi card was not being detected, then a little later the screen went blank even though the LEDs indicator lights would cut on. Luckily, I had purchased an extended warranty plan when I purchased it, so the first thing I did was call the warranty company and sent it off to have it fixed. But, once I received the laptop it only worked for about two weeks, so I called my warranty company back but this time I spoke to a representative who knew exactly my problem and informed me that its an manufactures defect and that HP had initiated a recall on their DV series laptop to fix the problem but even though the TX series has the same exact mother board as the DV, hp refuses to acknowledge this. I have since then did some research and found many sites that have theses same exact complaints about people with TX 1000 and TX 2000 tablet pcs. Please, if you have recently bought a Hp TX 1000 or Tx 2000 computer and are experiencing these same problems, please sign this so that HP will not get away with this, let our voices be heard so that Hp will recall the TX series tablets too !


WiFi card not detected
Shows no display on screen
Heres a link to dv2000/dv600/dv9000 and Presario v3000/v6000 series Note books recall page that have their symptoms.

(The Dv series has the same exact motherboard as the Tx series)

The believed causes of this is the fact that these notebooks dont dissipate the heat produced well so after a while it loosens the solder around the graphics chip and causes these problems

Check out this website started by a man who purchased a TX series laptop Http://