Death Note: continuation of the manga and the anime

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    Ohba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi and ([email protected])
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    fans of Death Note
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This one is a petition created by all the persons those who like this great series called Death Note, with this we want to do a compilation of fans's signatures to ask Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi for the accomplishment of a continuation of the series. Even knowing that the manga of this series has ended but in order that they bear in mind that we want a continuation since we estimate this masterpiece and we the fans feel a great fixation towards "L" that unfortunately we could not enjoy much his presence so much in the manga as in the anime and also it is true that when continued the series without this valued personage, was a great discouragement since "L" is the personage more estimated by all.
We want to propose a continuation of the manga and the anime and if it was permissable with a possible resurrection of L or L and Raito. Even knowing that there is a movie with different end to the manga and the anime and that it is great to ask and that is furthermore an egoist of our part to want that they revive personages, for this we ask for excuses, but our interest for Death Note is so big that we want to enjoy more of this. Resorting to this request we ask please Ohba Tsugumi and to Obata Takeshi to bear in mind our desire to see and read Death Note's continuation and in case it is granted it is guaranteed that admirers and new admirers will show all their expectation for the above mentioned continuation and we all will be grateful. Even If the response to our petition is not, we of all forms thank for this great history of Death Note for to have created that whose originality does not have limits. We hope that they bear in mind our petition. Please and thank you.