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We, the undersigned, believe that (formerly DejaNews) should renew its commitment to the long-term archiving of posts from the Usenet newsgroup discussion forums. Since 1995, DejaNews has been the primary source for searchable archiving of Usenet posts on the World Wide Web. As such, it had a uniquely central role as an Internet resource that thousands, if not millions, of netizens relied upon for research and reference. In 1999, DejaNews "rebranded" itself as, and shifted its focus to online consumer ratings of products, while continuing to maintain its Usenet archive. Unfortunately, however, in the summer of 2000, during a move of the company's offices, the entire archive prior to May 1999 became, and of this writing still is, unavailable to users of the site. We have received promises from the company that the archive will eventually become available at some unspecified future time, but as of this writing there has been no sign of progress toward that goal. We, the undersigned, strongly feel that the should make every effort to restore the full functioning of its Usenet archiving functions with all deliberate speed. If Deja is no longer able or willing to maintain a functional archive of pre-1999 Usenet, they should sell the archive to another company or organization that has the resources and the commitment to doing so. If still intends to maintain the archive as they did until the summer 2000, they should be more honest and direct with their users about whatever technical/financial/organizational problems may be preventing the return of the service.