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    The Executives of All My Children
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    Members of the Alec Musser Fan club
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To: The Executives of All My Children

Dear Ms. Carruthers, Mr. Frons and Ms. McTavish,

We the fans of Alec Musser (Del Henry All My Children), would like to take the opportunity to address the powers that-be on his behalf. We implore the network to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity of having Mr. Musser as part of the cast.

Since joining our favorite daytime drama, Alec/Del has proved to be very talented and extremely exciting to watch even while being severely underutilized. There seems to be a universal consensus that Del should have a love interest and a much stronger story.

There is little doubt that such material would only lend a sense of realism to the show which has deviated from that recently. The potential story line for this exciting character seems endless and we genuinely hope that All My Children will excite us once again by bringing him into the fold.