Full investigation into "Memo Gate"

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    Senate Ethics Committee
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The Democrat senators on the Senate Select Intelligence Committee are putting American lives at risk.

The Democrat memo that surfaced last week uncovered a detailed plan by Democrats on the Select Intelligence Committee to use the resources of that committee as a political tool against the White House. Under the guise of a non-partisan investigation the Democrats plan, as revealed by the memo, is to find something, anything, to castigate the majority and make it appear that senior administration officials who made the case for. . . war [used]. . . dubious motives and methods. They have already concluded that BEFORE conducting an investigation!

The memo admits that [the Democrats] don't know what [they] will find, yet they have already arrived at their conclusion! All they know is that they have an opportunity to use the power of the Select Intelligence Committee against the President, for political gain, and they intend to take full advantage of it.

Senator Zell Miller, a Democrat himself, had this to say about the memo:

I have often said that the process in Washington is so politicized and polarized that it cant even be put aside when were at war. Never has that been proved more true than the highly partisan and perhaps treasonous memo prepared for the Democrats on the Intelligence Committee.

Of all the committees, this is the one single committee that should unquestionably be above partisan politics. The information it deals with should never, never be distorted, compromised or politicized in any shape, form or fashion. For it involves the lives of our soldiers and our citizens. Its actions should always be above reproach; its words never politicized.

If what has happened here is not treason, it is its first cousin. The ones responsible - be they staff or elected or both should be dealt with quickly and severely sending a lesson to all that this kind of action will not be tolerated, ignored or excused.

Heads should roll!

We agree with Senator Miller. The Democrats are taking a very dangerous path. They are fostering distrust that will prevent the committee from getting information integral to saving American lives such as the locations of terrorists with RPG launchers that can be used to down American helicopters. The Democrats have gone too far this time they are forsaking American lives for political gain.

Under the principle of respondeat superior, the Democrat senators must be held responsible for the actions of their staff.

For all the above reasons, inter alia, we, the undersigned implore you to:

Conduct an exhaustive ethics investigation into the source of the memo and those associated with it.

Expel any members of the Senate found to be associated with the memo.