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Dear Mr. Benson (and to whomever else this may concern),

We, the undersigned, are requesting that you retire New Orleans Saints jersey number 26--the jersey number of Dulymus Jenod "Deuce" McAllister.

Since being drafted by the organization in 2001, Deuce has been nothing short of an all-star professional athlete who has given no less than 110\% to the organization and to the fans of the New Orleans Saints at all times. His dedication and commitment to the New Orleans Saints organization, to his teammates, and to his fans is remarkable and deserves to be honored.

On the field, Deuce has been outstanding. His achievements are too many to list. Among them, to name a few, are his four seasons of 1,000+ rushing yards, 2 NFL Pro Bowl appearances, and title as Saints' all-time leading rusher and touchdown scorer. In superhuman fashion, he has returned from multiple injuries that would have ended the career of the average NFL player. He hasn't just returned from these injuries; he has returned and produced. Perhaps his best quality of all, though, is his complete humility when asked about these achievements.

Even now, relegated to a role of backup running back, Deuce continues to show inimitable professionalism. And when he is called to duty, his hustle and effort matches that of any other time he has ever stepped onto the field.

Not only have his achievements on the field been extraordinary, but his actions off the field are exemplary as well. In the past, he has restructured his contract--to the benefit of the organization--in order to remain a Saint. He has also served the New Orleans area and surrounding communities with an undying enthusiasm, as evidenced by his Catch 22 Foundation and other events such as DeuceGiving.

At present time, Deuce is still very much part of the organization. Furthermore, we, the undersigned, are in support of Deuce remaining a part of the organization beyond his playing days, should he desire to do so. This petition, along with your bestowing this honor upon him, by no means signifies the end of his spectacular career. Retiring his jersey, rather, is a humble gesture of appreciation--an appreciation mutually shared by the organization and fans alike--for the greatest Saint to ever wear the uniform.

We, the undersigned, expect you to receive with this petition our utmost sincerity and put forth into action, immediately, the motions necessary to retire Deuce McAllister's jersey #26.

Thank you.

And WHO DAT??!!