Replace Law and Order's ADA Elizabeth Rohm

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Dear Mr. Wolf and NBC Studios,

As a long time fan of Law and Order, I am deeply dismayed at the quality of acting ability displayed by Elizabeth Rohm, who plays ADA Serena Southerlyn. Unlike her predecessors, Ms. Rohm shows a limited acting range in several areas:

1. She is unpleasant to listen to because speaks in a monotone voice with little inflection. Moreover, she appears to be incapable of changing the tone of her voice even when the mood of the script demands it.

2. Second, her facial expression barely changes during her scenes. Often, her face is blank and her eyes look glassy/glazed over; combined with her monotone voice, it gives the impression that she is reading off cue cards.

3. Third, she does not 'react' to her co-stars lines; a large part of good acting is 'reacting'. Ms. Rohm usually appears to be impatiently waiting for her co-stars to finish speaking so that she can interject with her lines.

Finally, the combination of all these factors make segments involving the Serena Southerlyn character literally unwatchable and annoying. As a fan, I understand that there is a need to have an attractive actress play the ADA role, I do not feel that the quality of acting should be sacrificed.