Garry E. Cavan Disc Golf Course

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We, the undersigned, would like to see the disc golf course at Garry E. Cavan Park in Georgetown, Indiana redesigned. We believe this wonderful park has the potential for an amazing disc golf course that would be fun and challenging for new players as well as pros.

Unfortunately, we do not believe the current course layout lives up to this potential. While altering the existing layout will help some, we do not believe it can improve the course as much as a complete redesign.

The proposed layout relies on skill, not luck, and will challenge players to become better. There is a good balance of hyzer (right to left), anyhyzer (left to right), up hill, down hill, long and short shots. There is a fair risk and reward for skilled (not lucky) shots and there are a few pro par 4 holes. Lastly, elevation has been fully utilized in this 6000 ft. layout to make the course more fun and challenging.

I want to thank the parks department for all their hard work on this project. I know our goal is the same; to have the best possible disc golf course in Garry E. Cavan Park. The purpose of this petition is not meant to be hostile in any way. We simply want to see if there is enough support for this idea to get the parks department to take another look at it.

Below is a link to the proposed and current layout, please take a look at them. If you like the proposed layout better and agree with this statement, we kindly ask for your support.

Proposed layout:

Current layout: