Peter Jackson to Write and Direct Star Wars Episode III

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We hereby, the undersigned, in spirit of our raped childhood's, ask that George Lucas give over his reign as director and writer of Episode III to one Peter Jackson. To allow complete control of all necessary story lines and dialogue for Peter Jackson to make a film as he sees fit.

In light of recent George Lucas movies, more specifically The Phantom Menace and the soon to be released Attack of the Clones, we beg thee of Star Wars creation to pass all creative rights to Peter Jackson. This endeavor would not go unnoticed by your loyal Star Wars fanbase who would see the movie repeatedly and buy many action figures and other Star Wars items.

To give Peter Jackson the chance to create a PG-13 movies and to give Peter Jackson the chance to move the Star Wars universe in a way where everyone can fully appreciate it with the smallest of complaints.

We ask this of you George Lucas in our most desperate hour of need.