Apple Computer, Please Fix diskutil Already!

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Dear Apple OS Developers:

Please fix the Mac OS 10.3.x command line diskutil! diskutil hangs in single user mode, the mode where its utility is MOST needed. The bug has been acknowledged by Apple, and it causes single user mode to be much less effective a troubleshooting and problem solving facility than it should be.

Even though this bug has been acknowledged by the software team for over a year, four OS updates have passed by without the problem being addressed at all!

System Administrators, School Computer admins, as well as any fairly sophisticated user who wants to be able to troubleshoot his or her own computer, or those of his or her friends are being crippled by not being able to use diskutil. As you know diskutil helps with software restore, mirroring, creating and fixing RAID systems, fixes permissions, etc. etc. etc. -- all of which are crucial functions to be able to perform when the computer is too broken to load the Aqua windowing system.

A good user experience includes the ability to do basic troubleshooting on your own, without having to resort to full OS reinstalls, or having to make sure you have the installer disks around. diskutil was a beautiful and useful tool under 10.1 and 10.2. Its continued broken state under 10.3, even after four updates, is a shame for Apple Computer's attempt to create a better image, and a real frustration for Apple Computer users who want to be able to keep their computers running smoothly.

Empower your users! Fix diskutil!