Enough with the Religious Discrimination.

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Religious persecution has really reached its peak in Egypt. Many events have taken place since Islam came in. The latest of which is the attack on the Coptic Christians in the town of Nag Hammadi, in Upper Egypt. This attack occurred at 11:30 pm local time on the night of January 6, 2010 in front of the local church. Three Muslim males pulled up in a car and started shooting at the congregation upon their exit out of the church after Christmas liturgy at the church. A few days prior to the attack, the churches Bishop Kyrillos received a call from an unknown person threatening that there will be some sort of attack in the next few days. Bishop Kyrillos notified the local police force, but they failed to do anything. The purpose of this petition is to get back the honor of the martyrs killed during the attacks. The Egyptian government is yet to react to what happened in any way. All that has been done is that the local police force is present to prevent further damage from occurring, although that has not been successful as there has been more damage since then. Local Muslims have been active in still beating Christians and destroying their homes, and businesses. We demand that somebody has to do something, since the Egyptian government does not want to do anything about the matter.