Sign Drake Hogestyn to a Contract

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    The-Powers-That-Be of NBC and Executive Producer Ken Corday, Co-Executive Producer Edward Scott and Head Writer Hogan Sheffer of Days of our Lives
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We, as fans of the very talented Drake Hogestyn, who has played DAYS hero John Black now for 21 wonderful years, are asking you to PLEASE sign Drake to another contract so that we can enjoy this fabulous and extraordinary actor's talents for years to come.

He IS John Black, having brought the character to life back in 1986, and nobody (in our humble opinion) could EVER do the character justice or garner the popularity for the character and the show like Drake has. For the past 21 years, MANY of us have watched the show ONLY because Drake is on it. Please acknowledge our loyalty to DAYS and Drake, and Drake's loyalty to DAYS and his fans, by offering him a contract and a storyline worthy of his great talent. He has chemistry with every actor on the show and brings out the best performance in everyone in the cast when they're working with him. He's able to pull off and "sell" any storyline that he's given, no matter how unbelievable the premise for the storyline, and he makes us GLADLY suspend our disbelief in order to see what he's going to have the character of John Black do or say each time he's on.

If Days of our Lives has even the SLIGHTEST hope of continuing past 2009 on ANY network or media venue, your chances would be GREATLY enhanced by fully utilizing the awesome Drake Hogestyn in a major way. Drake will bring John Black to life in an interesting and watchable way, thus bringing back the viewers who have tuned-out when he's not on our screens.

All we want is our "MUST SEE DRAKE TV!"