To Get The Execution Video of Daniel Pearl Off Of The Internet

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Ever since the abduction of Daniel Pearl, the world has been in shock. Not knowing what to do, what to think, what to say... but nothing at all could be done, but to sit back and hope that Danny would make it back alive. To have that little bit of faith meant everything in the world. As the world waited and waited to hear atleast the smallest piece on how Danny was doing, time was passing ever so quickly. Then, emails was sent to us...

The first pictures of Danny ever since his abduction was seen. All of us was happy to see him alive and in health, but we also was terrified to see the environment he was in. We all still sat in prayer that Danny would make it, that he wouldn't be hurt, and that he would return home to his wife and to their unborn son, Adam. All the statements that was made saying that he was alive was building up more and more hope, until the day of February 21, 2002. On that day, the message that was heard all around the world, "It has been confirmed that Daniel Pearl was killed by his captors." We all sat, deeply hurt to hear the news, that one of our fellow Americans was killed.
We all heard the message that a video was sent to us showing the graphic execution of him.

Danny didn't deserve any of this. He was such a fun-loving guy, a great reporter, and really lived life to its fullest. All of us around the world took him as our own, seeing all of the great, front page stories he would write, it all just seemed untrue. He was a dear friend to many of us around the world.

Ever since those events, their has been heavy dispute over the Execution video being posted on . This petition has been created to get the Daniel Pearl video off of the internet! All of us cared about him, loved his work, and are deeply hurt to know of his death, but the Execution video being posted on the Internet is too much. Nobody wants to see this act of Barbarism. Out of respect for him, his family, Mariane, and his son Adam,.. this video should be off of the internet, and so says all of the people who loved this man around the world.