Bring The Tick Animated Series to DVD/Video Cassette

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    Fox-TV and NEC Comics
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We the Undersigned believe the publishing and release of The Tick Animated Series (Season 1) on video cassette and DVD would be economically beneficial for FOX TV and NEC Comics, and a great service to the legions of Tick fans who loved and enjoyed the Tick in his various incarnations, be it print, animation, or live-action.

We ask for no frills (though that would be nice), simply a respectful treatment of material we believe was cancelled far before its time had come. We make this humble request because now, loyal fans are forced to turn to years-old cassettes or badly-dubbed movie files on person-to-person file-sharing programs in order to get their "fix." This petition is a "show of hands" to prove to the above parties that releasing a Tick DVD would be a secure financial investment.