Rihanna's Abuse Should Not Go Unmentioned

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    Each of the Media sources who have unfairly reported this story, including, but not limited to: TMZ, The Oprah Show, The Tyra Banks Show, E! News, Access Hollywood, N. Y, Daily News, etc.
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Up until recently, the media has been reporting a one-sided interpretation of the domestic violence incident between Rihanna and Chris Brown.We now know that she was, and has been, physically abusive towards Chris and, as such, deserves punishment too.

NO ONE, male or female, should ever hit anyone. Famale to male relationship violence is JUST as important an issue as male to female violence. Rihanna's abuse should not be disregarded based solely on the fact that she is a woman.

Please do not encourage young women to think it is okay to hit a man, or that it goes without equal punishment, by allowing Rihanna's abuse to unmentioned and unpunished.
Thank you