Make a Donkey Kong Country 4 game for the Wiiware

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    Nintendo and Rare Ltd
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For sometime know people have enjoyed the games from Nintendos various series. Such as Mario and Metroid, while others come to mind one does for some Nintendo goers. And that is Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong started out as an arcade game but as Donkey Kongs series was going well for a popular arcade game it was said Nintendo was going to stop the series. But however the video game company Rareware{now known as Rare Ltd} had decided to give a different take on the ape, which led to Donkey Kong Country.

Donkey Kong Country fans have been asking for a 4th game, but alas despite that Rare had left Nintendo the fans have been asking for a fourth Donkey Kong Country game made by the company that saved the ape. It would be a great add to the Wiiware if possibleSo Nintendo please do the right thing and get Rare to make a fourth Donkey kong country game. You will not be disappointed on thisYou need to make the fans happy and let Rare make for us fans a fourth Donkey Kong Country game. I'm sure some poeple at Rare would love to work on a new Donkey kong game.