eHarmony Call to Action!

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    Dr. Neil Clark Warren; US Congress
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    Christian Film & Television Commission
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We, the Undersigned, demand that, a popular and successful match-making website, immediately begin to accept gay men as users of the site.

DR. NEIL CLARK WARREN, founder of, we the Undersigned, demand that you allow gay men like myself, to use the match-making capabilities of your highly successful site to let homosexual men like myself (Dr. Ted Baehr) and others (see Undersigned) find potential mates in a successful online site like eHarmony. For too long we have had to use lesser methods such as Plenty of Fish, Craigslist, offering phellatio in bus-station restrooms, and flashing our headlights in Atlanta-area rest-stop parking lots after midnight, in an effort to find a homosexual companion.

We are here, we are queer, and we have rights too!