We the eBay Community Want Google Checkout NOW!

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    Mr. Bill Cobb and eBay Leadership
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To: Mr. Bill Cobb and eBay Leadership

The leadership of eBay.com in July of 2006 updated their online policy to ban the use of Google Checkout as a valid payment option for sellers and buyers on the eBay platform. At that time the eBay member community was informed that eBay was taking this action to "protect" the community by instituting this ban while they evaluate the validity of this payment system.

Now over 6 months later eBay still refuses to allow Google Checkout as a valid payment option for buyers or sellers on their platform. Members that violate the policy are threatened with the following possible actions:

* Listing cancellation
* Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings
* Limits on account privileges
* Loss of PowerSeller status
* Account suspension

WE, the eBay community are hereby petitioning eBay leadership to completely lift the ban of Google Checkout immediately. Google Checkout makes online shopping quick and easy and the buyer information is PROTECTED.

Google Checkout affords the buyer to buy items from stores across the web, in just a few steps and has been accepted by many of the internet's largest retailers.

Google Checkout has been proven to be a safe and secure payment gateway and this unwarranted and unnecessary ban MUST to be lifted immediately.

NOTE: This petition was initiated by The Internet Merchants Association (IMA) a not for profit trade association for some of the foremost merchants on eBay and the Internet. The Association was set up to provide its members with a forum for exchange of ideas, to build upon each other's best business practices, and to have a unique presence on eBay. Buyers of members' items can know for certain that IMA members adhere to those best business practices. For more information on IMA or to apply for membership please go to http://groups.ebay.com/forum.jspa?forumID=1500014238