Award the Congressional Gold Medal to Elizabeth de la Vega

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    U. S. Congress
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We, the undersigned People, hereby nominate former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega for the highest honor that our nation can bestow upon one of its citizens -- the Congressional Gold Medal.

BACKGROUND: With her singular, courageous display of public service, keen sense of patriotism, and passionate pursuit of justice during a time of national crisis -- all recounted in her book "United States v. George W. Bush et al." (Seven Stories Press, 2006) -- Elizabeth de la Vega is earning worldwide respect and admiration for calling into account those within the Bush-Cheney presidential administration who would have us excuse their roles in conspiring to defraud the Congress and the general public as to the official rationale for invading Iraq. Her now-published call-to-account consists of a hypothetical grand-jury indictment of the ringleaders of this Enron-ization of the U. S. government: Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, and Powell. The resultant volume of well-documented and fully analyzed facts, circumstances, and conclusions renders every reader a juror in de la Vega's hypothetical courtroom. The inescapable consensus: a "true bill," whereby Bush-Cheney et al. must stand trial for this, the Ultimate Impeachable Offense. Of course, we realize that the current Congress has no member with even half the courage and commitment shown by Ms. de la Vega. But we also realize that our signatures on this petition may help instill in the incoming 110th Congress a sense of urgency for responding to the will of the people in this matter -- a will that is being expressed, in part, via a related petition ( ) and within the web site of\%20news.htm .

WHEREAS, Ms. de la Vega's "indictment" can serve as a procedural blueprint by which the proposed Muskogee, Okla., Presidential Grand-Jury Probe can investigate and report upon Bush-Cheney's alleged criminality;

WHEREAS, one of the several means by which the Congress may invoke the impeachment process consists of charges issuing from a grand jury (as per the Jefferson Manual on Parliamentary Procedure);

WHEREAS, the new crop of Congress members have a moral obligation to put impeachment back on the table so as to let the facts of de la Vega's "indictment" speak for themselves; and

WHEREAS, this necessary acknowledgment of, and support for, the growing Impeachment Movement can be expedited by Congress's passing the sought-for legislation to bestow this honor upon Ms. de la Vega --

We hereby petition Congress to grant our request that Ms. de la Vega be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for her exceptional service to the highest ideals and principles of American citizenship.