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    U.S. Congress
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    The Presley-ites Fan Club, Kathy Ferguson - President & Elvis Presley's Sweet Sweet Spirit Fan Club, Michelle Rosencrantz - President
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We as fans of Elvis Presley, would like a day of recognition on the calendar for Elvis. This will cost the tax payers nothing and will simply be out on all calendars recognizing Elvis' birthday January 8th as Elvis Presley Day.
Elvis was such a wonderful man. He never forgot where he came from and he was always kind and generous to others and to those less fortunate. Elvis gave so much to so many. He has a huge fan base worldwide. Elvis Presley fan clubs keep his out pouring love, kindness & generosity alive in his memory by giving to charities & helping others worldwide. His beautiful voice was a wonderful gift from God that he used to make so many people happy. His talent is immeasurable. The magnitude of Elvis Presley will never be surpassed by any other entertainer. Twenty seven years after his death he is still number one. Elvis is the greatest entertainer the world will ever see. Please make January 8th Elvis Presley Day!