Petition for 'The Sims Online' to be sold outside the U.S.

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This week I was shocked and upset to discover that EA have decided not to sell the game 'The Sims Online' outside of the U.S. Fans of the Sims all over the world, including Europe and the U.K., will not be able tp play the game at all. or take part in it's online community. I think this is very unfair as the Sims series have millions of fans everywhere who have supported Maxis and Ea for years, and have shown their support by purchasing their games,thus making them rich.
Online gaming should be an International Community where everyone has the right to participate and have their input. Surely Ea do not have the right to exclude people due to their geographical location.
Do you feel this decision is right? Were you like me looking forward to playing 'The Sims Online'? How do Sims fans in America feel? Come on, have your say and let Maxis and Ea know how you feel about their decision. Please sign the petition and lets get them to think again! Thank you.