Bring back the original Enterprise theme

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Enterprise may be the last in a long and loved line of Star Trek series that have formed part of American culture. From Capt. Kirk to Capt. Janeway, every series has had a style and development that has kept fans coming back for four decades. Now it's time to provide the creators of the latest series, Enterprise, with some badly needed advice.


The fans generally applaud Brannon & Braga's (B&B) choice to use a ballad instead of the traditional/regal orchestral theme as a way of bringing the series closer to the present time. Not every fan approved of the ballad choice, but the motivation was a good one.

In the face of sagging ratings and some admittedly unoriginal storylines (unfortunately, the worst ones were written by B&B IMO), they have made some considerable changes to the show including:

1. Adding the hard-nosed MACO's
2. The first few episodes show more determination and a faster pace
3. A more personal and urgent story-arc regarding the Xindi and the Delphic Expanse

All of these changes are significant IMPROVEMENTS, but the one change that sours the milk ("Relics" line for all you TNG fans), is this tambourine-loving, 1970's K-Tel wannabe, expecting-a-Kenny-Rogers-cameo-any-second remix of the opening ballad from Russell Watson and Diane Warren.

"Faith of the Heart" is about faith and spirit, the drive of all humanity to become more than it is. The song, in this context, conveys the soul of humanity to go and explore. This third season remix makes the ballad light and airy, completely inappropriate for the determined theme of this third and improved season.

Please, B&B, we beg you. We implore you, restore the Enterprise theme to it's former self. Don't make the positive changes you've made be spoiled by this rotten apple.

Thank you.