Support the Denver Ballot Initiative to Form an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission

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    The Voters (including the City Council) of Denver, Colo.
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We, the undersigned citizens of Earth, hereby endorse the public call for creating within the U. S. city of Denver, Colorado, an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. As the current campaign launched in May 2008 by Denver resident Jeffrey L. Peckman gains momentum in garnering the requisite 4,000 signatories for placing the proposed commission upon the city's ballot-initiative agenda for the fall of 2008, we intend for our signatures here to lend moral support and impetus to those Denver residents favoring the initiative.


As explained by the campaign's official web site -- -- the text of the initiative's title has been officially certified as follows:

Shall the voters for the City and County of Denver adopt an Initiated Ordinance to require the creation of an extraterrestrial affairs commission to help ensure the health, safety, and cultural awareness of Denver residents and visitors in relation to potential encounters or interactions with extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles, and fund such commission from grants, gifts and donations? Yes___ ; No___.

Peckman points out that "the proposed ordinance includes a declaration of findings, purposes of the commission, appointing the members, funding sources, and powers and duties of the commission."


-- WHEREAS, the proposed 11-member body of selected public servants and private citizens can function, in part, as a kind of UFO Truth Commission and hence can intensify the worldwide call for full governmental disclosure of UFO-E.T. reality;

-- WHEREAS, the commission's formation can spearhead the emergence of similar citizen-empowered bodies throughout numerous other states offering ballot-initiative access; and

-- WHEREAS, the leadership role of the commissioners can help transform the current state of UFO-E.T. awareness among the body politic and hence can contribute, in an historic fashion, to the general acceptance of -- and careful, comprehensive inquiry into -- various aspects of UFO-E.T. reality --

We hereby declare our full support for the initiative, urging Denver's voters (including the city council) to sign the official ballot-initiative petition and to vote in favor of the proposed ordinance.