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This petition is aimed towards HaRRo and the site he administrates (

HaRRo is installing Spyware on people's computers and he has been caught doing this on Myspace just recently.

This is why his Myspace profile got shut down for terms of use violation.

If you have been a victim of HaRRo or in any way, then I urge you to sign this petition so we can bring justice towards this website.

Believe it or not they are actually hosted out of America, so if we get enough petitions we can shut them down.

This website is also sharing many copyrighted products and I'm sure the owners that developed these products don't like the fact that their product is on this website for free.

If you're not a Jr vip or an Exec, they don't give a care in the world about you or your product. They'll share your product for FREE in the "Members Dowloads" section of the forum. If you don't believe this just go there and see how much is being shared.

Also refer to these complaints as well for further evidence against HaRRo & :

Link 1)
Link 2)
Link 3)

I hope you all have a great day and I urge you to sign this petition if you've been a victim.