No to Ubisoft DRM

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    Ubisoft Entertainment S.A.
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Dear Ubisoft Entertainment,

This petition has been created in response to the recent announcement of your DRM system, which will be used for all future PC games published by your studios.

Whilst the creation of this DRM is understandable, the methods by which it will counter piracy will only alienate those ready, willing and able to purchase your games through legal means. By using the planned version of DRM, people will likely not by games they want to, or simply pirate them instead. The latter not only harms Ubisoft, but PC gaming as a whole; something we don't wish to see.

Therefore, we ask:

1) That you seriously revise how the DRM works; in singe-player games (such as the soon to be released Assassin's Creed 2) an internet connection should not be constantly required.

2) You look at other DRM functions of the past (by yourself and other companies) and see how easily they are broken by pirates, whilst legal gamers must suffer through servers going down, logins not working correctly, etc.

3) That you listen to the public response, and do not make the same mistake made by recent studios by ignoring your fan-base.

Piracy is the cause of this problem, but it is only increased by adding unforgiving and impractical services which will only affect those who buy the game. Those unwilling to accept the DRM measures are more likely to then turn to piracy.

Many forms of DRM have been tried, and none last more than a couple of days before they are cracked and the games present on a torrent site.

Your games are the favourites of many PC gamers, and it would be a shame to see such a thriving fan-base feeling as if they have been treated unfairly.