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Friday the 13th Box Set

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    Paramount Home Entertainment
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This petition for the new Friday the 13th boxset you all are producing.
Over the past years or so, we have payed for the same movies numerous times, from VHS to single discs DVD to the boxset and to the recent deluxe editions. The films (all except for part 1) have all been released on DVD in their cut form. Well, since there is being a new boxset being made, I think that this is the time for you all to shine.

This boxset could be so much, the definite horror film boxset that all horror film fans will shell out money for to get.

With that being said, here is a list of what fans think that should be on the upcoming boxset:

-All films UNCUT
-All films have Audio Commentaries
-All films get beautiful transfers and incredible 5.1 mixes
-All films keep special features from their "Deluxe editions"
-All films are in their own slim cases w/ original poster art
-Part 3 in 3D, including the opening titles, 2 pairs of 3D glasses
-A new docu. on the whole series
-A new featurette on problems w/ the MPAA
-Alt endings for parts 2 & 3 as special features
-All original TV spots/radio spots, trailers
-Posters, Behind the scenes, memoriblia photo galleries
-TV commericals, music videos, TV interviews (Jason on talk show)(Alice Cooper music video)
-A booklet w/ liner notes
-A nice new box to hold everything in it (a plastic or tin box)

That is what the fans want. Seriously, this could be such and amazing boxset. I am positive that this would sell big time, and it would finally give the fans what they have been waiting for!