Nintendo please buy back Rare Ltd

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Everyone has known the video game company Rareware for making great video games with Nintendo. Rareware was known for making video games such as The Donkey Kong Country trilogy, Donkey kong 64, Conkers bad fur day, Goldeneye, the banjo kazooie series, perfect dark, and star fox adventures. To various other titles.

But sometime around 2002, after development on Star fox adventures Microsoft had purchased Rare from Nintendo. As this happened people who fans of Rareware knew this would be a bad idea, but however it seemed Rare could care otherwise. But Microsoft has Rare and its grabs and its basically making Rare look bad, and even the worst had happened when Microsoft had got Rare in their clutches. As Rare began doing things for Microsoft now it was believed Rare and Microsoft didnt see anything eye to eye with each other. Some have even criticized for the games that Rare had made for the xbox and Xbox 360. Like for exampleConker: live and reloaded, and basically Banjo-kazooie: Nuts and bolts. Not to mention that Microsoft had forced to stop production on basically every new game that Rare has been trying to dofor what reason? Nobody knows. But however the canned titles that were to be developed were thesesome of them were games that were canned titles from Nintendo before Microsoft had bought Rare.

Kameo 2
Project Natal
Dinosaur planet
Conker 2 {Also known as Conkers other bad fur day or Getting medevil.}
Perfect dark 2
Donkey Kong racing
Banjo 3
Battletoads GBA

There has probably been other canceled titles from Rare. But basically Nintendo you have got to do the right thing, and buy Rareware back. Rare is already in a struggle and if any company could fix itIts basically Nintendo. Nintendo. Please do the right thing. Everyone has been beginning down to their knees just so they can get a once good video game company back in the hands that made it famous. I may also suggest that people have been begging for games like Conkers bad fur day and Goldeneye for the Wii virtual console. So please Nintendo give us what we want, Rare deserves to be treated with respect and make the games they want. So please buy back Rareware so you can fix things up.