Facebook.com Users Against the "News Feed" and "Mini Feed"

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    Administrators of Facebook.com
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    Users of Facebook.com
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To the administrators of Facebook.com on the date of September 5, 2006:

Whereas Facebook.com is a social networking Web site and utility owned as a private company started in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg;

Whereas Facebook.com is a useful and entertaining tool for those on its networks;

Whereas the users on Facebook.com support the sites stated philosophy of helping people spread information through social networks;

Whereas the users on Facebook.com understand the privacy settings and their role in protecting personal, private information;

Whereas drastic changes were make to Facebook.com on September 5, 2006, including the introduction of the News Feed and Mini Feed that call into question the safety and privacy of its more than 9 million users;

Whereas there has been an unprecedented outpouring of opposition to the changes within the community;

Whereas many users feel uncomfortable participating on Facebook.com because of the changes to the point that some have deactivated their accounts;

We, the Facebook.com user community:

--Encourage Facebook.com administrators to actively communicate and consult with users in a democratic dialogue concerning any current and future changes.


--Demand the immediate removal of the news feed and mini feed feature from Facebook.com.


--Allow an individual to remove himself or herself from the news feed and mini feed feature on other users page.
--Allow an individual to remove his or her own personal news feed and mini feed feature from his or her personal profile.