Abolish Columbus Day and Re-name it,

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The Columbus Day holiday is the only national holiday that is overtly insulting to millions of Americans. It is now universally understood that Christopher Columbus did not discover the American continent. That concept is a Euro-centric one that is deeply insulting to American Indians and many native-born Americans of all cultures. It is also historically incorrect. American Indian people have been on this continent at least 10,000 years, and scientists have proven that numerous other explorers had arrived on this continent from other parts of the world long before Columbus. It is also now known that many of the things we once believed about Christopher Columbus were myths, and that much of what we did not know about him would seriously tarnish his image, to say the least. This petition, however, is not meant to be an attack on Christopher Columbus, but rather an appeal for a holiday that is not insulting to any American.

American national holidays should be days that bring a sense pride and togetherness for ALL Americans, and stem from an American perspective. Columbus Day fails that test on all counts. First Americans Day would be a holiday that would be meaningful to each and every American. It would be a holiday that would be from an American perspective rather from an Euro-centric one. And, finally it would be a holiday that would instill pride in us as a collective group of people, while still recognizing and honoring our differences. The concept is one that is a win-win for all Americans regardless of their heritage.

The primary honor and recognition from this holiday would go to American Indians, who deserve a national holiday in their honor and dont have one. Secondly, it would also allow people, of other cultures, to honor their own First Americans, i.e. Christopher Columbus (Italian-Americans), the first Irish-Americans, the first Chinese-Americans, the first English-Americans, the first African-Americans etc. Families could get together and honor their own personal First American Ancestors, encouraging people to get interested in their genealogical family histories. In this way, whether we are immigrants, native-born descendants of immigrants, or American Indians, we can all join hands and celebrate the fact that we are united as Americans. Let us honor ALL those who made the blessing of being an American possible.

We therefore request that our Congressional Representatives re-name the federal holiday known as Columbus Day to First Americans Day. We also urge state and local elected officials, as well as businesses to do the same.