Denounce Jerry Falwell

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We, the undersigned, denounce and condemn Jerry Falwell for using the tragedy of September 11th to further his own extremist agenda. Jerry Falwell has openly and publicly blamed the recent terrorist attacks on the ACLU, NOW, People for the American Way, gays, lesbians, abortion providers, pagans and feminists. Even worse, he has done so under the guise of being a "religious leader".

The tragedy that befell our country on September 11th came about because of fanaticism and hatred. We believe that hate-filled fanatics like Jerry Falwell are a danger to our country and to the freedom and well being of people across the world.

The innocent people who were killed on September 11th died because of hate. We call upon our political leaders, as well as all true religious and moral leaders, to join us in condemning Jerry Falwell's despicable and ugly remarks. An article about Falwell's statements can be read here.