Save the site of the Battle of Fayetteville and the Battlefield Cemetery

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    City of Fayetteville, WV
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Paramount Development Corp. has approached the City of Fayetteville, WV and asked that they re-zone a 60-acre farm on the edge of town for commercial use. Paramount Development intends to build 2 large buildings that Wal-Mart and Lowes will occupy as well as several smaller out parcels. The 60-acre tract of land however is what is known as the Fleshman/Clark farm, it was the site of the Sept 10, 1862 Battle of Fayetteville. The site also contains a battlefield cemetery, which contains the graves of at least 24 American soldiers.

This property is in imminent danger of being developed, which would mean this hallowed ground would be lost forever. We are asking that the City of Fayetteville deny the request by Paramount Development Corp. to rezone the property and help to preserve Americas ever shrinking battlefield land, as well as, preserve and protect the hallowed ground. We owe it to ourselves and to our ancestors to protect this land that they fought and died for, this honored field where the dead from the battle rest in their graves.