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To my fellow friends who are Furuba/Fruits Basket fans, this petition is to try and persuade the FUNimation to release a season 2 for the anime Fruits Basket, as well as to include Rin and Kureno Sohma in season 2. There had been doubts of whether the FUNimation is going to release the season 2 for the Fruits Basket anime. Many fans have been worried that FUNimation will not for several reasons:

FUNimation may assume that:
- It is time-consuming to produce an anime and the manga is not finished yet, and since the fans will lose interest, it is not worth the effort.
- The fans will forget about the anime if they release it at a date later than the ending of the season 1.
- The storyline cannot be maintained and will lead to nowhere.

I believe that some of the Fruits Basket fans are having the same fears and that all would disagree with what is being mentioned above.

For the first point Є Yes, Furuba may have to continue for a long time but take PokЁmon for example. It was turned into an anime and the seasons came one after another.

As for the third point Є Evidences from the manga showed that a lot more can evolve. For example, the mystery of the boy with the cap who led Tohru back to her house is not solved yet. And the second season can include characters like Rin and Kureno Sohma to enhance the story.

And lastly, the second point Є This is what the petition wants to prove to FUNimation. That we fans will not forget and will still be interested. Sitting there and doing nothing will not help but will only risk letting the opportunity slip away. Thus, we need to convince FUNimation that Fruits Basket is worth producing BEFORE they decide otherwise. And you can help simply by signing this petition.

The plan is that we will send the petition to FUNimation both through mail AND email once we reach the target of 500 signatures. We will then send it again after every 100 extra signatures. The email of FUNimation is not known however, so any information regarding FUNimation will be appreciated.

I, together with the rest of the Fruits Basket Fans Community, sincerely appeal to you to help us in this mission. Thank You.

P.S. We understand that there have been no official news regarding the release of season 2 of Fruits Basket the anime. However, we would like to make our feelings known.