Help Save the FreeBSD Mascot

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The FreeBSD Project recently announced a public competition to design a new Project logo.

This appears to be driven largely by a desire to become overly politically correct. As per the competition statement (

"Historically, the FreeBSD Project have used a characterized daemon as a mascot, and displayed it on our web site with the text "FreeBSD" as our logo. This character sometimes treated with misinterpreted in the religious and cultural context. And this daemon character seems cute from somebody's point of view, but somebody may think which does not suit for the professional products to indicate that are using the FreeBSD inside. So, we decide to call for a new logo design which is identifiable as the Project's logo, can be used on the professional products, and is very cool :-)"

Indeed, Beastie is a mascot, nothing more. Making a change due to the whims of a few selfish people with vested religious interests is not a good thing, and definitely not 'cool' for the FreeBSD community. Such an action sends a message to the these few that their concern was correct, and justifies their actions. This is not the case, and sets a dangerous precedent.

The goal of this petition is to collect enough votes to send a message to the FreeBSD Project administrators that they keep our mascot -- modernize the image, change it, update it, but do not replace it. After all, the FreeBSD Project is driven by the community, and this decision is no different in nature.

Please vote.