Petition for the restoration and restructuring of the Food and Drug Administration

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    President Barack Obama
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    The people of the United States of America
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We, the undersigned, do petition our government for redress of the grievances following. First, our current president should address concerns of the people for its food and drug administration to adequately perform its purposes when the culture of industry protectionism has become institutionalized and inherent in the minds of the agency's current leadership. Second, our current president should replace the current leadership of the food and drug administration with persons capable and willing to perform the agency's purposes and duties with more regard for the people than industry. Third, our current president should reaffirm the agency's purpose and duty as simply protecting the people from unsafe food products and pharmaceuticals that may be produced by industry or farmer or small business alike. Finally, our current president should make policy of greater transparency for reports produced by the food and drug administration.