Fire Emblem 6 USA release

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To the staff of Nintendo America,

Hello Nintendo America, my name is Marwan Hussein and I am a huge fan of Nintendo games. I love many of the games you make, but my favorite of them all is Fire Emblem. Considering Fire Emblem was never released in the USA until just last November, I had never played a fire emblem game before. I had played as characters such as Marth and Roy from the fire emblem series in the ever-popular Super Smash Brothers Melee, and since I liked those characters I had always wondered what the fire emblem series was like. That is what prompted me to buy Fire Emblem (known as Fire Emblem: Rekka no ken or The Blazing Sword, the seventh installment in the series in Japan) when it was released last November. Upon playing the game I was instantly addicted. After beating it I had to play more. I learned much about the Fire Emblem series and played many of the older games. But the fact that it was in Japanese left me wondering on the storyline. One of the best parts of Fire Emblem games is their detailed storylines. That is why I am writing this petition. I want you to release the older games in America translated into English. Now I am not asking you to translate and release all of them, I only ask for Fire Emblem: The Sword of Seals, the sixth installment in the series. I truly believe that this game would sell like hot cakes here in the US if it were released here. If you dont believe me I have many points Id like to make. First and Foremost, this game is the one game in the series featuring Roy, son of Eliwood, Marques of Pherae and Leader of the Lycian alliance army. Roy was featured in the fighting game Super Smash Bros. Melee and since then many American gamers have grown to love him and have been curious to find out what Roy was like in his own game. Just that alone would sell many copies of the game. Secondly, although this game was made before Fire Emblem 7, the one Fire Emblem game that was released in the United States, this game is the sequel to it (or rather 7 was the prequel to 6). That game sold many copies and is still selling more. I have not met anyone who has played that game and disliked it. I have played Fire Emblem 6 briefly and I noticed that the game play in that game is exactly the same as that of fire emblem 7 with the exception of a few minor details. Some say it is harder than 7 however I dont think strategic difficulty will hold any hungry gamers back from a great game. Also, the ending of Fire emblem 7 left us at a cliffhanger. Brammimond had told us that a new evil was rising to power, and then the last scene we see the newly crowned emperor Zepheil speaking to a mysterious man about resurrecting a demon dragon. I dont think anyone will want to miss what happens next. If you dont release Fire emblem 6 in the United States many dedicated fire emblem fans may never know what happens. I know for a fact that this game would sell just as well as 7 did if not better. Some say that Fire Emblem 6 is basically a step backwards from 7 and that many people wouldnt like this game because its not as advance. Well I played 6 after playing 7 and I fail to see any flaws in the game. There are some things in 6 that are different but they are not bad things or problems, and they are certainly not drawbacks. They are just different. In fact I liked some things about 6 better, such as certain weapons give a higher bonus to the critical percentage of the unit using it, or how the spell eclipse, rather than cutting an enemy units Hp in half like it did in fe7, drains them of all but 1hit point. Over all there is no reason at all that you would not want to translate and release fire emblem 6 in the United States.