Draft Russ Feingold for President

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    Senator Russ Feingold
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Dear Senator Feingold,

For too long, Democrats have been told that they must abandon progressive priniciples and seek middle ground with an increasingly hostile and extremist Republican Party. I and my fellow co-signers do not share this view. We want government leaders who will work with both parties when they are right on the issues and will not be afraid to voice dissent and stand up for what is right when one or both parties are wrong.

You, Senator Feingold, have a proven record of doing just this. In the aftermath of 9-11, when no other Senator had the courage to stand up against a far-reaching security bill known as the PATRIOT Act that trampled on the constitutional rights of Americans, you showed strength and bravery by becoming its sole voice of opposition in the Senate. Furthermore, your votes in the senate have proven that you are a friend of the progressive community and the American people. From fighting against unfair trade agreements like CAFTA to fighting for government reform like the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act and the newly introduced lobbying reform bill to cracking down on deficit spending, you have distinguished yourself as a Senator who will stand with the American people and do what is best for our government and country.

That is why, Senator, I and my fellow co-signators implore you to run for the office of President of the United States and pledge our full support toward your election to the highest office in the land.