PlayOnline/Final Fantasy XI problems

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We the undersigned petitioners and PlayOnline/Final Fantasy XI users do hereby give notice to Square-Enix U.S.A. that there are some problems that cause inconvenience to us, and feel that the problems need to be brought to attention and fixed.

Problems #1: The first problem involves payment for services. There are some of us, who despite having enough money on our credit cards or debit cards, have repeatedly seen the message stating that the transaction has been refused. This causes our accounts to go into an inactive state which is mentioned below. If left unfixed, this eventually causes our accounts to become permanently deactivated.

Therefore, the first reason for this petition, is to see the payment problems fixed, so that we may be able to pay for our accounts without problem.

Problem #2: When one unsubscribes from PlayOnline, or has late fees(Either voluntary, or because of problem #1), their account enters an "inactive" state. If left in this state for more than 3 months, the account will be considered "deactivated" and no longer usable. It is not possible to reactivate the account after this status has been reached. The only way to continue playing afterwards, is to go out to the nearest retailer, and purchase a new copy of the game, which is quite costly for PS2 players. The following quote block is from the Final Fantasy XI/PlayOnline manual, found on page 11 for the PC version and page 27 for the PlayStation 2 version, quoted here for those who are unaware of this note.

Your member information is retained on the server for three months after your access to PlayOnline is disabled. Should you decide to reactivate your PlayOnline account and use PlayOnline services again during this three month period, simply log onto PlayOnline and follow the instructions there. You will be able to use the same account information that was registered at the time you unsubscribed from PlayOnline.

After this three month period has elapsed, you can no longer use your previous account information. You must create a new account to use PlayOnline again. Please note that this means you must purchase a new copy of the software from a retailer and reregister for PlayOnline.

The second reason for creating this petition is to get this time extended to at least 9-12 months, or complete removal of the time limit. There are probably people out there who get bored of Final Fantasy XI and unsubscribe from it and PlayOnline, and tend to let it collect dust for more than 3 months.

Other ideas to solve this problem are to allow the purchase of a PlayOnline registration key at a reduced price or to allow the reactivation of old PlayOnline registration keys.

Problem #3: Some of us here have called technical support, and have found those we speak to either refuse to help us, or are unable to help us due to lack of knowledge of how to fix the problem we are having. Some of us have talked to technicians that have been quite rude when we ourselves are being polite.

Therefore, our final reason for this petition is to point out that tech support has some problems.

In conclusion, we the undersigned hope that you are able to fix these issues so that we may be able to use our accounts, and should trouble arise, get help to fix whatever problems we may encounter.