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This is a petition attempting to prove a Final Fantasy 7 remake would be successful in the US.

Squaresoft could remake Final Fantasy 7 with all of their new, amazing talents. If you would like this to happen, please sign my petition. If you're laughing at the screen by this point, please read on to learn why I think this could happen, and could even be a successful and profitable venture for Squaresoft.

This is a petition that I am starting, not with the intent of forcing this to happen, but rather, to show Squaresoft that this is something that their fans want to happen. The original Final Fantasy 7 was an amazing game. However, I think that it could be an even more amazing game. In all areas of creativity, Squaresoft's employ has improved ten fold since Final Fantasy 7. They get better and better with every new game. Being that Final Fantasy 7 is widely considered the best game they ever made, a remake seems almost inevitable. Even so, I still would like to give this idea a little push in the right direction.

What I believe justifies this cause is that this is more than just a silly plea. If Square were to remake Final Fantasy 7, it would definetly be just as successful as the original, if not more so. However, I can't make such a claim without proof, now can I? So this brings us to the point. This petition is to prove that a Final Fantasy 7 remake will succeed in the US. I'm hoping that's all Squaresoft needs as incentive to get the ball rolling. *crosses fingers*

With my statement out of the way, I would like to add a short note: Please don't take this petition too seriously. I mean, if you genuinely want Final Fantasy 7 to be remade in all of it's glory, by all means, sign this petition. However, this is no gaurantee that Squaresoft would even take on such a venture. Remember, it does cost millions of dollars to fund a game design project, especially in Square's case. Such a project cannot be taken on a whim.

Also, some of you may find this petition rather silly, and justifiably so. Like I said, please don't take it too seriously. Just accept it for what it is. If you don't like Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy 7 itself, or if you just don't like this petition for some other reason, keep in mind that you don't have to sign it. Not signing it can be your way of standing against this petition. I want you to know that whichever standpoint you choose, I respect your point of view. I can only hope you will do the same for me.

Well, that's that. It's time to see just what the public and the fans think of this idea. Thanks to Squaresoft for making such a wonderful game, I wish them only the best in their future.