Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake in Uncharted Movie!

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    David O. Russell
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With news of an upcoming film adaptation of the much-loved PlayStation 3 game called "Uncharted", there is some question as to who would play the role of the lead character known as Nathan Drake.
We Firefly/Serenity/Castle fans and gamers worldwide would love to see our beloved Nathan Fillion use his proven acting talents to bring Uncharted's Nathan Drake to life on the big screen.
Thus let the purpose of this petition be known: It is meant to alert the director of the film and let him know that Fillion is right for the job, or at least his fans everywhere and fans of the Uncharted game series think so.

LETTER TO TARGET (David O. Russell):

We the undersigned humbly and respectfully suggest that you, David O. Russell, the director of the upcoming film adaption of the videogame known as "Uncharted", give strong and thoughtful consideration to using Nathan Fillion as the lead actor, playing the role of Nathan Drake.

Thanks for taking the time to read this petition, and thanks again for making the Uncharted film.