Release the Eraserheads' "Final Set" DVD

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    Smart Communications, INC.
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    members of the CIRCUS Mailing List
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Last July 17 2009, a member of the 'circus' group posted something about the release of the final set DVD. This is his original Post:

Good morning Circusfreaks,Citizens,Sandwich,Markus Hi-way,the Dawn listers and everyone else in between and nowhere to be found..Two minutes ago, just this morning i heard the news today oh boy...
The Final Set DVD might not be released after all if the sponsoring Telco company would be having their way..

I got the shocking info po from a former colleague who now works for the
recording company while I was riding a cab on my way home po.Ang sabi niya sa
akin,mas preferred yata ng telco company na ma-view po ang videos thru their
website than releasing it as a DVD for obvious reasons po.The DVD inlays are
almost done, may mga preparation na rin po for possible promos but as of now
it is still a NO GO for the DVD, although the audio cd might be in the stores a few months from now.

I posted this just to see if anybody from the companies will be denying or
confirming the info I got po.I know Boss Jim works for the telco company that
sponsored the Final Set,at marami pong taga affiliate recording companies ang
lurkers dito..

I know some of you the active members of this yahoo group will be planning a
petition of some sorts at kung confirmed nga na shelved na yung dvd, i'm all for it..
Its a litmus test of some sort to see a numbers game here..

Good on ya, mates:)

The purpose of this petition is for the to make the Smart Communications INC aware of the high demand of people for the release of the Eraserheads' Final Set DVD.

As of yet the Smart Communications INC have not made any plans to give the rights for DVD release of the said concert.

The Final Set Concert is probably one of the most successful concert ever for a filipino band and it deserves the right to be released commercially on DVD for people to enjoy again and again. We also know that this might be the last eraserheads concert ever so we would like to have a copy of the concert so we can have a "piece of history"

For months now, illegal DVD copies of this series have been successfully sold different pirated stores, evidence that there is an obvious and consistent market for this DVD. Such a release can only prove to be a lucrative move for Smart Communications INC as well as a delight for the fans, a win-win situation.

We also like to request to includes some extras in the DVD, We are certain that this would be an incentive for those who purchased bootlegged copies to buy the official DVD, therefore a definite way for Smart Communications INC and Sony Music Philippines to recoup lost income. We are mainly interested in the following extras: behind the scenes, interviews of the band members and a rehearsal video. We respectfully ask that you kindly take the time to fulfill this request.

By signing this petition, we are letting you know that we are eager, willing, and ready to purchase the official DVD for Final Set Concert and we are making a commitment to do so.

We thank you for your time and your kind consideration given to this matter, and we look forward to the upcoming release of The Final Set DVD in the very near future.