The Official Fan Petition to Fire Herman Edwards from the Kansas City Chiefs, Now!!

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    Kansas City Chiefs, an NFL Football Organization
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    Fans of the NFL Kansas City Chiefs
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We, fans and patrons of the Kansas City Chiefs,

Submit this petition to Mr. Clark Hunt, and Mr. Carl Peterson, owner and general manager, respectively, of the National Football League organization of the Kansas City Chiefs.

As supporting fans and patrons of this team, we have had enough of the mediocrity and embarrassing decisions made by Mr. Edwards and his coaching staff throughout their tenure since the 2006 season with the organization. This is evident by the growing lack of fan support throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. Today, November 25, 2007, "The Kansas City Star" ran an article talking about how the consecutive streak of sell-out games will probably end within the next couple weeks. This is due to the frustrations with the current coaching staff, as we haven't seen progress over this two-year tenure, only reverse by their decisions.

From the conservativeness of Mr. Edwards, to decisions made on the field, to his post-game "cop-outs", and the obvious loss of his management over the team, it is time to end Mr. Edwards tenure as head football coach with the Kansas City Chiefs.

We, the undersigned, are asking and pleading of you both, to please terminate the contract of current head football coach of your organization, Herman Edwards, effective immediately.

We will not stand for mediocrity any longer, and are certain that a change starting at the coaching level will begin what will be the re-birth of championship professional football in Kansas City.

Author's Note: Once determined by the petition author as a significant amount of signatures, this petition will be officially sent to the Kansas City Chiefs organization, and media outlets in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Again, the undersigned of the petition are pleading for the immediate contract termination of Herman Edwards from the Kansas City Chiefs organization, so that we may look towards the bright future of championship professional football in the post-Herman Edwards era.

Thank you Mr. Hunt and Mr. Peterson, and we look forward to your response.