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When Tubby Smith accepted the position as the University of Kentuckys Mens Basketball Head Coach, he was fully aware of the Kentucky tradition, the high expectations for the team, and the fact that we had just appeared in two consecutive NCAA Tournament finals. He assumed the responsibility for managing and maintaining the winningest program in college basketball.

Tubby Smith has not upheld the high standards of Kentucky basketball. Year after year, he fails to successfully recruit the level of talent necessary to keep our program competitive with the top basketball programs. His player development skills are woefully inadequate. His style of play is moribund. We cannot rebound. We cannot press. He consistently fails to have his teams prepared for games and fails to motivate the players to play their best. It is obvious that his players do not enjoy playing his style of basketball. It is no longer fun or exciting for them to play, or for us to watch Kentucky basketball. Instead of contending for national championships, Kentucky is considered a "winnable" game by the most pedestrian opponents. As one commentator lamented, Kentucky is no longer feared.

This letter is not written simply out of frustration over the recent play of our team, although that has been appalling. It is the culmination of frustrations that have accumulated during Tubby Smiths tenure as Head Coach. Kentucky did not become an elite program overnight. We did not fall from the ranks of the elite overnight. The current situation is due to his consistent inability to attract top players, his style of play, his failure to develop talent, and his repeated failure to realistically contend for the national championship over the past seven years.

Tubby Smith is an honorable man. He has run a clean program and has represented the University with integrity. But it is time to recognize that he is unable to maintain the UK Basketball tradition. It is time to make a coaching change for the good of the program.