BMW No More Fuel Pump Failures

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Dear BMW Management,

As educated, experienced, and dedicated automotive enthusiasts who love to drive, we buy BMWs, and we do so with high expectations. We pay a premium for the engineering and attention to detail that creates the Ultimate Driving Machine, and recently we have been let down. The continuing problems with the high pressure fuel system on the N54 engines has reached epidemic levels, with owners of cars less than two years old having had as many as three replacement pumps installed, and countless hours of their time wasted. The problem has existed since the introduction of the engine over three years ago, and we feel that weve been extremely patient in waiting for a real solution, which hasnt come. The pump failures continue even on the most recent model year, and the replacement pumps arent lasting any longer than the originals in many cases.

Because of the likelihood of failure and the lack of a proactive approach on BMWs part, we have new cars were afraid to drive on long distance trips for fear of being stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Even when the obvious symptoms start to appear our dealerships are reluctant to repair the vehicles even though everyone involved knows it is about to experiencing a failure, which leaves us no choice but to drive the vehicle until it dies, then call for a truck to pick it up. The extended warranty was a nice gesture, but at the end of the day were all driving a car with a major and well known engineering issue that we will eventually be responsible for repairing and a vehicle that cant be depended upon.

The effects of this issue on resale value are already apparent, and theres no doubt its affecting new vehicle sales as well. The horrible reliability were experiencing with this engine is unacceptable from The Ultimate Driving Machine, as is your handling of the issue. If no solution for this problem is found, make no mistake that the financial cost to you will be much higher than it already is, with the loss of loyal customers and drastically reduced residual values on lease returns as we become more and more vocal about the issue. In spite of the problems, we still enjoy our vehicles very much and only want them to be as reliable and enjoyable as weve come to expect a BMW to be. Loyalty has its limits though, and continuing down your current path of replacing pumps until the warranty expires makes pursuing legal actions such as lemon laws or a class action lawsuit a much more attractive option with every passing month.


Pissed off N54 owners.