Bring Super Mario Sunshine and Wind Waker to new play control

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When new play control was released. Nintendo had been re-releasing gamecube games for the Wii. With games such as Donkey kong Jungle beat, Pikmin, Mario party tennis, Metriod prime, metriod prime 2, and Pikmin 2.

So if you ask me I think its time to bring two games that deserve to be part of New play control. What are they? Super Mario sunshine and legend of Zelda: the wind Waker.
In my opinion, I think Nintendo should bring these two games for New Play Control. The Wii remote and Nun-chuck are perfect for Super Mario Sunshine and Wind Waker. Plus there is quite a demand for these two games to be part of new play control.So please Nintendo bring Super Mario Sunshine and Wind Waker for new play control. People have been wondering when this will happen and they would like to play Super Mario Sunshine with the Wii remote and nun-chuck...It could help spread interest for a sequel or something even better.

And the same goes for the Wind Waker. What Sunshine and Waker have in common is that they are great games and would be great to play on the Wii. So come on nintendo. Make something awesome become a reality.