Macromedia Flash Player for FreeBSD.

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In recent years, the FreeBSD operating system has grown in popularity. Macromedia does not currently support the growing number of FreeBSD users, which is evident by Macromedia's lack of a native FreeBSD/i386 version of the Flash Player.

With the growing popularity of Flash on the Internet, it has become a necessity to have the Flash Player installed. Many sites have adopted Flash for such things as product demos, web-based games, and comedic movies. These things have become a vital part of the Internet, and without them, the full experience can never be met. Without the inclusion of the Flash Player for FreeBSD, many of us are unable to benefit from the full experience of certain web sites, while Flash-only sites are rendered useless.

One of the largest complaints about FreeBSD from users is the lack of the Flash Player, and many potential users aren't willing to make the switch until the Flash Player is available for FreeBSD.

We the undersigned, urge you to consider releasing a FreeBSD/i386 version of the Macromedia Flash Player, for the sake of existing and future FreeBSD users.